Funding to protect the Powerful Owl

Marlborough Primary School is excited to announce it has been awarded a State Government grant of $21,745 to help protect the threatened Powerful Owl.

The grant – through the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning – is part of an initiative to support community volunteers taking steps to help conserve the diversity of native species, habitats and ecosystems.

Our school will be supporting current work being undertaken within the community by providing habitat for and research about the Powerful Owl, a unique but perhaps poorly known top-level predator which, largely due to habitat loss, is found to be vulnerable to extinction in Victoria. Fortunately, Powerful Owls still occur in the Heathmont area, so it is not too late to act to help with their conservation.

The grant will be used for habitat restoration, revegetation and protection of indigenous plant species, purpose-built nesting boxes and monitoring, as well as education for our students.

Work will begin during the Christmas break with the planned clearing of designated areas around the oval to be ready for planting by students next year.

Education sessions, as conducted in the middle unit this month with Nick Bradsworth, of the Melbourne Powerful Owl Project, will continue to provide an enjoyable and interactive look at the Powerful Owl within our local region and the importance of this beautiful species in our ecosystem.

At Marlborough Primary School we are committed to giving our students the opportunity to connect with their local natural environment and empower them to create a sustainable school, local community and world. Through action-research learning, students are engaged to find out more about endangered species, and help create an environment that supports their ability to survive and thrive.

For more information on the Powerful Owl Project, go to


In The News

MPS Students Bailey and Summer featured in an article in the Maroondah Leader in 2016.  The article talks about our sustainability focus as a school, and how the students take a hands-on approach to learning to care for their environment.

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Victoria Creative Writing Competition

A large number of our students entered the Victoria Creative Writing Competition. Our local member of State Parliament came and presented awards for the competition at Assembly last week and all the students who participated received a certificate. Well done to everyone who entered and did their personal best.

Congratulations to the Runner-ups Oscar C and Stephanie C. And a huge congratulations to the winner, Jasmine S.


School Disco

Our 2016 School Disco was an incredibly successful social event for our students. It was very well attended (approx. 140 students), the music was great and the atmosphere was pumping.

As this was also a fundraising event, our goal was to raise $1,500 to buy an additional garden bed and a class set of A4 Magnetic Whiteboards for the school. Not only did we achieve this, but we exceeded it significantly with a final total of around $2,500! This would not have been possible without you: the school community.