We are deeply committed to student wellbeing and we see it as being at the centre of everything we do. By providing highly personalised point-of-need teaching to every student we ensure that our students are engaged and have ownership of their learning journey and they are also constantly being challenged. At Marlborough we set high expectations for ourselves and for every student.

As TRIBES school, Marlborough has six TRIBES agreements that form the basis of all that we do. These are

  • Mutual Respect
  • Attentive Listening
  • Appreciation/No Putdowns
  • Right to Pass
  • Safety First
  • Personal Best.

TRIBES is the process through which we ensure the wellbeing of all our students whilst ensuring a positive learning culture throughout the school. Through TRIBES we aim to ensure the healthy development of all students so that each has the knowledge, skills and resiliency to be successful in our rapidly changing world.

These TRIBES agreements are the common language of our school community.

  • Mutual Respect – to affirm the value and uniqueness of each person; to recognise and appreciate individual differences.
  • Attentive Listening – to use our “eyes, ears and hearts” when listening and to let others know that their opinions are heard and valued.
  • Appreciation/No put downs – to treat others kindly; to make appreciative comments for unique qualities, gifts, skills and contributions; to avoid negative remarks, name calling, hurtful gestures and behaviours.
  • Right to Pass – to be secure in the knowledge that it is acceptable to “pass” in a situation and by doing so, have extra thinking time. Right to Pass is also applicable to playground situations where students are encouraged to “pass” if they recognise that school rules or safety are about to be compromised.
  • Safety First – to understand and be aware that safety of self and others must be at the heart that all we do. This includes physical, social and emotional safety.
  • Personal Best – we recognise that our students have a vast array of skills and strengths. Personal Best celebrates every individual’s growth and achievement and recognises when the student has moved onto the next stage of their learning.