At Marlborough we are committed to embedding quality STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) teaching and learning opportunities into the curriculum from Foundation to Year 6. Students develop their skills to think scientifically and logically, problem-solve and collaborate to create solutions for problems that are posed.

Our students have the opportunity to work with Lego Robotics, Bee-Bots and a range of equipment that allows them to develop the Foundational STEAM skills that set them for success in secondary school and as they enter an ever-changing workforce.

STEAM learning at Marlborough extends beyond the classroom, with students studying and applying their learning to our outside environment and beyond our school’s borders. Examination of biodiversity within our Frog Bog, soil testing and monitoring growth in our vegetable gardens and water-testing to examine the impact of pollution on nearby Dandenong Creek are just a few examples of our STEAM learning experiences.

We are committed to research-based, high-impact learning strategies at Marlborough and it is clear that developing both interests and capabilities within STEAM are a crucial element of our curriculum.