Positive Education

“We must remember that intelligence is not enough, intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” (Martin Luther King Jnr.)

Positive Education at Marlborough Primary School is strongly connected to our vision of being a ‘community centred on wellbeing, where students are empowered and build skills for life to achieve their personal best.’

Positive Education is a comprehensive, intentional approach to education that blends academic learning with character. It aims to nurture individual and community wellbeing and prepare students with life skills such as resilience, mindfulness, grit, optimism and engagement. It encapsulates a proactive, whole-school, strengths-based approach that is supported by research into the science of wellbeing and happiness.

“The fundamental goal of Positive Education is to promote flourishing or positive mental health within the school community” (Norrish et al., 2013).

The aim of Positive Education at Marlborough Primary School is to focus on nurturing specific skills and character strengths that will support our community members to:

  • build positive emotions
  • strengthen relationships
  • experience a sense of engagement
  • identify sources of meaning and purpose
  • strive to achieve goals and celebrate such accomplishments
  • maintain a healthy lifestyle

We are proud to be part of the Maroondah Positive Education Network, which is a partnership between Maroondah City Council, the Maroondah Principals Network, the Victorian Government Department of Education and Training, the University of Melbourne, and the Institute of Positive Education. Our network aims to raise the wellbeing of the young people in our community through living, learning, teaching and embedding Positive Education.

‘Our goal isn’t to prepare the road for the child. Our goal is to prepare the child for the road.’