Our Beliefs

We are committed to ensuring Marlborough Primary School is a safe and caring environment which nurtures mutual respect and trust, and also consolidates co-operative working habits and attitudes. We strongly believe in the importance of celebrating our students’ achievements and in acknowledging and enjoying the positive aspects of their personal development.

Our core beliefs as a learning community are that:

  • Numeracy and literacy skills are fundamental for each student’s development and future success.
  • Learning is an active process and students need opportunities to explore materials, ideas and concepts before being introduced to formal activities.
  • Student’s self esteem and confidence play a vital role in their achievements.
  • Individual differences, learning styles and interests of learners must be considered in the organisation and planning of programs.
  • A successful learning environment fosters personal qualities including tolerance, open mindedness, flexibility, creativity, curiosity, independence and self awareness.

At Marlborough we have a focus on continual improvement of teaching and learning programs and school organisation by:

  • Efficient and effective staff teams.
  • A safe, positive, trusting environment.
  • Students being responsible and enthusiastic learners – valuing learning and developing an understanding of the learning process.

Engaging and exciting teaching and learning opportunities

Marlborough Primary School provides a range of activities beyond the normal curriculum, catering for all ages and a wide range of skills and interests:

  • Extensive STEAM program (Science, Technology, Engineering, arts and Mathematics) including robotics
  • Excursions and Whole School Incursions to connect students with experts and experience hands on learning opportunities
  • Developmental camps program for Years 3-6 and within school camps program for Years P-2
  • Running club
  • Just Brass School Band, Whole School Production, Instrumental Music & Dance, school choir
  • Extensive outdoor learning opportunities that utilise our Frog Bog, Vegetable gardens, orchard and chickens
  • Swimming, Bike Education, Athletics and Interschool Sports
  • Student Leadership development and opportunities (attending leadership conferences, Junior School Council, student voice being highly valued in school decision making)