Our Staff

2023 Marlborough Primary Staff

Foundation – Helen Edwards

Year 1/2 – Lee Watson (Team Leader) and Haishi Qin

Year 3/4 – Pippa Davis (Team Leader), Lisa Mackney and Sheena Cronin

Year 5/6 – Christopher Kent (Team Leader) and Peter Moore

Physical Education – Bonny Chisholm (Specialist Team Leader)

Visual Arts – Jenelle Seregin

Indonesian – Mary-Ellen Dowling

Science – Casey Phillips (Semester 1) and Simone Ryan (Semester 2)

Tutor Learning Initiative – Natalie Arundel

Education Support Staff – Tracy Mullenger (Team Leader), Jane Barnes, Amber Kim, Nicole Robb, Agnes Ng, Brianna Bradford and Sandi Kelly

Curriculum Learning Specialist – Christopher Kent

Learning Specialist Release (Wednesdays) – Caitlin Lindsay (Semester 1) and Simone Ryan (Semester 2)

School Chaplain – TBC

Business Manager – Christina Penna

Administration – Natalie Watson